Hello and welcome to my blog!

Hey, I’m Sophie a 20 year old who enjoys history, politics, travelling, photography and anything Japanese (I'm a bit of a Japanophile...)!

For anyone wondering about my personal life: I’m a second year History and Japanese student at University but work quite a lot of hours on the side to fund my travels and am always looking for opportunities to expand my horizons, often taking up voluntary work during the summer!
Most of my blog involves my travels, with reviews, travel guides, tips and sometimes just posts simply documenting my adventures. I'm very passionate about creating useful but aesthetically pleasing content whilst making friends along my travels and online! My biggest attraction I believe is a result of my frequent travels, many wish to learn how to balance frequent travel with full time study or work and keeping down the costs, which I have successfully been able to do. In 2017 I will be going abroad every month, something which many wish to achieve, and I can illustrate that a student on minimum wage can certainly do it!


Want to collaborate with me? 

Thank you for your interest! Have a question about me or my blog? Or would you like to suggest collaborating together? I would love to hear from you, feel free to contact me at sophieannetaylor@hotmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Some brands I have collaborated with within a year of blogging:
Disneyland Paris Hotels
Hilton Hotels
Many independent hotels such as Aries Hotel and Spa in Zakopane
Cabin Zero

Blogs I've collaborated with:
From Roses
Love From Berlin
Rhiannon Travels

Requirements (I don't have many!):
  • I will only accept collaborations which would benefit my readers.
  • I must write the post, I will never accept pre-written content on my blog, unless its a guest post from a fellow travel blogger. 
  • If I am sent a sample/gifted product, this will be acknowledged in the post. All branded links will be no-follow, as per Google's guidelines. 
  • Otherwise hit me up and lets see what we can do together!

You can also email me or contact me via my social media:

Email: sophieannetaylor@hotmail.com
Instagram: @sophieannetaylor
Twitter: @_Sophietaylor_

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